Unplugged STEM activities students can do to reset and recharge

March 31, 2021

We’ve been living online now for over a year. Digital apps such as FaceTime, Zoom and Google Classroom have kept us safe by allowing us to work, learn and play from home. But, while these technologies may shield us from COVID-19, it is important we balance our screen time to promote health and well-being.

As we emerge from our winter dens, remember to take some time to unplug between enjoying virtual hangouts and online games. Taking a break from screens – even if only for a few minutes – can help reduce stress, increase focus and improve our connection with people and nature. 

Here is a curated list of unplugged STEM activities from Actua and its network to help students reset and recharge:

For more activities, visit our network member websites and Actua’s complete library of curated STEM resources.

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