June 22, 2020

Spotlight: Explore all that STEM has to offer with this week’s curated activities and resources for the whole family!

STEM Activities

Here are this week’s highlighted STEM activities from the Actua network! For more content, visit our network member websites and Actua’s full library of curated STEM resources.


Live Events

Following National Indigenous Peoples Day on Sunday, June 21, rewatch #LIVEwithJennifer with Deanna Burgart on our YouTube channel for an inspirational conversation about the importance of engaging Indigenous youth in STEM.


Hot Topics

Indigenous People have always known about STEM (Actua guest blog)

Actua’s InSTEM director on National Indigenous People’s Day (video interview)

Actua Is Breaking Down Barriers, Meet The Woman Leading The Charge (article)


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Thank you to our supporters! 

STEM education has never been more important. To all of our funders, we thank you for your continued support as we pivot to provide STEM at home learning. Your unwavering commitment is helping thousands of Canadian youth.

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