In Conversation with Betsey Chung: How traditional STEM skills are leveraged in Marketing

April 13, 2021

Scientific and technological innovations continue to change the way we work. It’s why employees now need a well-rounded set of hard and soft skills to succeed in the workplace and why there’s a growing push for STEM education. STEM education can help foster the skills needed to help us adopt new technologies and adapt to changing environments.  

Betsey Chung, Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at TD Bank Group is a leading example of the value of a diverse skill set and how it can benefit one’s career. Her career path has been anything but linear. An accountant by trade, Betsey has leveraged her traditional STEM skills to transition into the world of marketing – a field that couples creativity and relationship-building with digital and technology skills.

“STEM is incredibly important as a marketer – you need to know how to price your product, the best way to deliver it and continuously be problem solving – you need to understand this and data and analytics to power your business.” – Betsey Chung, Global CMO, TD Bank Group.

Actua’s CEO, Jennifer Flanagan, recently sat down with Betsey to discuss her non-linear career journey and the role STEM skills play in modern marketing. Betsey explained that CMO’s no longer rely solely on their persuasive and creative skills to create mass marketing campaigns. Instead, they use data and analytics to gain insights into audience behaviors and create targeted and personalized campaigns.

According to LinkedIn, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Corporate Communications are in the top 25 skills companies need most, alongside hard skills like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.

Recognizing the value of these skills, TD introduced a Digital Marketing IQ Program to upskill internal talent and build capability to help TD bridge the digital divide. This digital training program was implemented with more than 800 TD employees to help deepen their digital marketing and marketing technology knowledge to drive business growth, customer acquisition and elevate TD’s customer experience.

With data and technology changing the face of marketing, we can’t help but think, is it time to consider STEM as more than just Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and include fields such as marketing?

Learn what Betsey had to say on the subject and more on how she’s applied STEM skills to marketing in her conversation with Actua’s CEO:

About Betsey Chung

Betsey Chung is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of TD Bank Group (TD), where she oversees the articulation of TD’s purpose-driven strategy across its global footprint. In this role, Betsey leads a world-class team of marketers who help activate the Brand to help form deeper connections with our customers, colleagues and communities.

Betsey joined TD in 2017 and has helped re-imagine the banking experience on TD’s digital channels, including providing our customers with proactive advice and personalized solutions that help them feel confident about their financial future. 

Betsey has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, leading large global teams driving marketing strategy, digital acquisition, social, content, customer strategy, targeted marketing, brand development, advertising and media. 

Betsey holds an MBA from the London Business School in the UK and obtained her Chartered Accountancy designation. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters.

About Actua’s Partnerships with TD Bank Group

TD Bank Group has been a supporter and partner of Actua since 2017. Over the past three years, TD has played a transformative role in advancing Actua’s work inspiring girls and young women in STEM through Actua’s National Girls Program, reaching over 150,000 girls across Canada in digital skills and confidence-building experiences.

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