Why Teachers

We know that teachers are incredibly important influencers of youth. At Actua, we want to ensure teachers feel equipped and empowered to give Canadian youth the skills and confidence they need to pursue higher education, and enter the rapidly evolving workforce. We know that STEM skills are increasingly in-demand, but that many teachers across Canada still aren’t adequately trained to teach coding, data science, or emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. That is why we launched our Teacher Training program.

About the Program

Actua’s Teacher Training program provides K-12 pre-service and classroom teachers with professional development opportunities designed to enhance learning outcomes in their current curriculum. From introductory sessions and demonstration workshops, to high impact training programs, Actua and its network members provide teachers with more advanced and relevant resources to help better equip youth with today and tomorrow’s in-demand STEM skills. These include, but are not limited to: edtech, coding and digital skills, robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber security and digital citizenship, engineering design/design thinking, makerspace education, competencies including computational thinking, creativity, and critical thinking.

Just like Actua’s national programs for youth, our teacher training emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning, as well as addressing how teachers can approach inclusive instruction for diverse and underrepresented student populations.

Throughout each year we offer teacher conferences, professional development days, after-school and weekend training sessions, in-classroom mentorship, and supporting resources. We provide multiple touch-points throughout the year to engage teachers in continuous learning. The variety of training opportunities we offer helps create a more connected community for teachers across Canada to learn not only from us, but also each other!


Upcoming Opportunities

Below are some of the upcoming events at which our national team will be offering professional development for teachers. Please contact your local Actua network member for other opportunities in your community.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how Actua can support professional development in your community, or have ideas for our Teacher Training program, please email teachers@actua.ca.

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